Are you over 40 and fustrated by nagging pains, aches and stiffness?


You’re in the right place for relief from pain without painkillers, and staying as active as you want to be.

Our specialty

So many over 40’s remain frustrated by neck, back or knee pain and the only solution they’ve been offered is taking painkillers. But they know that’s not a road they want to go down. We help people move freely to live a healthy active lifestyle. A life without painkillers and needless trips to the GP.


I used to work in top level sports and most of the job is keeping the players healthy and injury free. That’s been my main area of expertise that allowed me to work at the highest level across so many sports. When I moved into clinic work I’ve taken that knowledge and built on it. I now focus on keeping people 40’s plus active and doing the activities they love. Many people presume physio is great for younger people but as you get older the need for physio/rehab increases. Injuries take longer to heal so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible in the first place.


You can chat to us on the phone to find out more about your issues.

Does these sound fimiliar?

“You have the stiffest back or neck we’ve ever seen”


“You’re constantly out of alignment”


“Your pain is in your head?”


“Your pain is just because of your age so their is nothing you can do?”


So often, people come to us having heard these phrases and think they have no good options, and we can and do help. There are hands-on techniques along with specific rehabilitation exercises you can do to improve your symptoms and get back to doing the things you love without the fear of making your pain worse.

Patient Stories from Independent Google reviews

Highly recommended!


John is professional, understanding and willing to adjust to enable last minute appointments.
John has helped me with a variety of sport related injuries as well as a long term hip injury through the use of sport massage and acupuncture. In addition, John has provided me with advice to prevent further injury and offered post half marathon muscle rehabilitation.


A brilliant and friendly service!


Laura Farrar




I cannot recommend John enough, he is very professional, friendly and helpful. His innovative thinking and experience have made my recovery from a knee surgery successful. My recovery was not going well and I did not think I would be able to snowboard, but through the sessions with John, we built strength, stability and the confidence to trust my knee again. John addressed issues with my ankle that contributed to the pain in my knee which previous physio’s had missed. This helped a lot and allowed me to progress successfully through my rehab. Now I am back on the mountains where I continue to coach.
Thanks for everything John.


Danny Chambers
British Snowboard Cross Coach